Ruler of Italy (q.v.) from 476-493. He was a barbarian (Skirian or Hunnic) military officer who deposed Romulus Augustulus (q.v.) in 476, a date traditionally seen as the fall of the Roman Empire in the West. Since he acknowledged the overlordship of Zeno (q.v.), whose recognition he sought, Zeno conferred on him the title ofpatrikios (q.v.) and allowed him to administer Italy (q.v.). The death of Julius Nepos (q.v.) in 480 removed the only possible rival claimant to Odoacer's power. However, Zeno's desire to rid Thrace (q.v.) of the Ostrogothic chieftain Theodoric (qq.v.) proved to be Odoacer's undoing. To entice Theodoric to move westward, Zeno offered Theodoric Italy if he could wrest it from Odoacer. This he did from 489-493, after besieging Ravenna (q.v.) for over two years. After Odoacer surrendered Ravenna, Theodoric killed him with his own hand.

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